Digmaa Launches Home Building Website

Des Moines, IA—2015 Jan. 16—Digmaa, a Des Moines startup, has officially launched a web- and mobile-based platform into a niche custom homebuyers market which bridges communication between all parties involved.


The pain points are simple; clients are usually left without constant updates and tons of travel back and forth from their current home to their new home. The relationship with the builder usually is there when clients first start the project and quickly ends mid construction.


The clients are texting, calling, and e-mailing builders more than they should to get updates on their home build. This causes the builder much headache and the buyer anxiety waiting for the reply. This can all be avoided.


Co-founder Austin Mac Nab understands firsthand the frustration of lack of communication between homebuilders and homebuyers. Mac Nab explains his personal experience, “although I enjoyed going to my new home to see the progress, it quickly became a part time job because I was always left wondering what’s next, what has been done, etc. I knew there had to be a better way to close that crucial communication gap between builders and their clients.”


Where Mac Nab brings the buyer insight, Mana Thongvanh, co-founder, brings the homebuilder experience to the company. This partnership fueled the idea to bring the buyer as well as the builder a better overall experience. “Digmaa simplifies the communication process with the client. The builder can focus on working on the project and quickly update the client from the convenience of a cell phone or laptop,” says Thongvanh.


Digmaa solves the issues the builder has with the client when it comes to updates and keeping the client well informed of the progress of their build. This is accomplished by uploading photos and videos through the different phases of the build as well as comment boards. Not to mention at the end of the build the buyer can download the whole experience to keep for long-term memories. Digmaa will also have reviews that buyers can provide, giving new homebuyers a chance to choose the right builder for them.


The public is able to create free accounts and browse previous and current projects on the site. Vendors and subcontractors would benefit from creating accounts as a way to get their name out there in front of prospective homebuyers. Builders can tailor their membership to the number of projects they have. Digmaa offers a 30 day trial for free and the option to cancel anytime. Mac Nab reiterates the simplicity of Digmaa, “We want to make this as easy and user friendly as possible. There is no training needed to use the site. The beauty of the website and mobile apps is the convenience. You can take photos and upload them instantly.”


About Digmaa
Digmaa is a communication platform (SaaS) that enhances the overall experience of the building process for all involved. Builders will be able to maximize their exposure to the public while having simple tools to connect with their clients for scheduling, budgeting, and updating their clients via photos/videos throughout the building phases. Learn more at www.digmaa.com.


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