Bridging the Communication Gap Between Home Builders and Home Buyers

Bridging the Gap


Buying your own home is part of the American dream. The dream culminates with enjoying the comforts of the new house. Before that happens you must go through the rite of passage of home building, whether your budget is within the categories of custom homes or ready for occupancy new homes. This requires good communication between homeowners and home builders.


Purchasing new homes or building custom homes starts with looking for a builder/contractor with good reputation. This is also the time for you to look into the candidates style of communication if it suits your own level of comfort. The style will reflect on future correspondences during the construction phase and completion of project. Builders open to questions with immediate and reasonable answers are ideal candidates for a stress free construction. It is also important to ask the contractor on what medium of correspondences they are comfortable with aside from formal meetings or walk throughs during critical stages of building such as structural framing, electrical and plumbing installations, and finishing stage. These informal mediums are phone calls, emails, impromptu meetings or site visits.


An open exchange of opinions and ideas is key to successful owner/builder relationship. A competent builder is adept in providing a detailed scope of work which will be your guide in the process of construction and schedules of key stages such as in choosing the materials to be used in electrical, plumbing fixtures, paint and flooring. Change order is another phase in construction wherein communication should be open between builder and owner. Changes in the construction plans such as additional works and unforeseen differences between what is on paper and the actual site are reasons for change orders. The communication lines must be open to deal with differences on actual construction and what you envision your house to be as per plan. Change order also means additional cost but in some rare instances it results to a reduction on construction price.


If you are looking into buying a new house whether it belongs in the ready for occupancy new homes or custom homes categories find a builder that is ready to answer all your queries and exchange ideas with. All doors must be open to ensure your visions are put into paper and into building the house.  Home building is not a walk in the park but can be manageable if all lines of communication are open between homeowners and builders which will result to your dream house.

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