Digmaa - Testimonials

3/2/15- "We have been using Digmaa for a short time but I can tell you that our clients love it. They don't have to spend any time checking on the house to see what is progressing because they have it all in front of them. It is like a building scrapbook but the live version and clients love to see the progress. There are plenty of features and options that assist in the build as well. It is becoming a big part of what we do." B.J. Miller Provo, Utah (Builder)


2/20/15- "I am blown away at how simple it's been to archive the house build and for the homeowner it will be a great tool should they need to ever go back and look at what it is we did." ~ K. DePhillips Des Moines, Iowa (Builder) 


2/13/15- "Love the site and so do our homeowners, terrific idea. Extremely easy to use! I have the app on my phone and tablet and if I've got wifi, I can load pics anytime!" ~ B. Miller Provo, Utah (Builder)


1/21/15- I personally use the application, quite often, which is useful and very handy. Being able to see the progress (I am generally traveling out of town) provides a feeling that things are under control, besides being able to have a centralized place, accessible from anywhere, to store your home photos is really nice." ~ J. Hernandez Johnston, Iowa (Homeowner)


1/21/15- " I've definitely enjoyed seeing the house progress through the photos. It's also a nice tool to have to show people who ask how the house is coming." ~ E. Rollenhagen Waukee, Iowa (Homeowner)