3 Tips To Consider Before Building A Custom Home


November 17,2014 in Pre-Project

Building a custom home is exciting, challenging, and can be unpredictable if there is a lack of planning.  Some people overlook the work that goes into building a custom home prior to pouring the foundation.  Problems can be minimized by following these three tips…  

1. Establish your personality The first tip to building a custom home is to establish a theme for your home that reflects your personality and generates unity within your home.  This is where the ‘custom’ in custom homes comes into play.  The >

2. Consider your surroundings It is important when building a custom home to consider the design of the community around you.  This tip can work two different ways for your strategy.The first direction is to conform to the >

3. Capitalize on the key aspects of your lot The area around your home can be complemented by your custom home.  The key aspects of your lot can include good or bad views, natural lighting, and personality in the land such as trees and water spots.  Modified floor plans can play up these traits and make your home even more custom.

Source: http://goo.gl/o1Lg8d