Communication during the build :)

Mac Nab Family

November 29,2014 in During-Project

Make sure when choosing a builder you do your research and make sure they are one that keeps you updated through each phase of the build.  The last thing you want is the feeling of wanting to know whats next, or have they done anything this week etc.  

If they can keep you updated through photos/videos and other simple tools like Digmaa provides, your building experience will be just that, an experience but a positive one instead of a part time job running back and forth to the job site to fill the void you have of wanting to know more (although you still will go time to time, just because).  

The biggest reason Digmaa was created is to close the gap between the builder/buyer as the home is being built through very simple, no brainer tools.  You can't imagine how far a photo or videos goes when you have a million things going on in life and building is one of them. 

#FollowTheBuild throughout Digmaa, and you all will see enhanced experiences for all involved in the building process.