Warranty Tips on Windows and Screens


April 02,2015 in After-Project

Something you may not be aware of is your windows and screens are not a warranty item. It is a homeowner’s responsibility to maintain there windows and window screen (ex. Re-caulking). When you are in your new home orientation walkthrough if you notice any scratches or imperfection you need to report it to your builder for it to be repaired/fixed, not after closing on your new home.

The best way to clean your windows is with either a commercial glass cleaner or a cup of vinegar mixed with a gallon of warm water. You should use either a sponge or lint-free cloth to clean the windows. To dry the windows you can use a paper towel but my best advice is to purchase a rubber squeegee it works the best at speeding up the drying time and it will also help eliminate streaking.

When it comes to caring for aluminum windows there are a few tips and tricks regarding your windows I can share with you. If you have aluminum windows changes in the weather can cause your aluminum windows to bind or even stick. The best thing you can do if this happens is to apply a silicone spray to your window sash track. The best way to clean an aluminum window is with a mild detergent solution do to the fact that your aluminum window frames have a baked enamel finish.

Don’t panic when it come to window condensation this does not indicate that you have a window problem. It is simply when warm/moist air comes in contact with a colder surface which then forms what we know as condensation. Just wipe off the condensation when it appears on your windows to prevent staining your window sill, drywall or even your caulking around your windows.

Window screens are mainly there to prevent bugs from coming into your home. They are not meant to prevent things from falling through/out the window. Cleaning your window screens is as simple as rinsing it with mild household detergent.

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