Love your floor

Cleckley Floors LLC

August 24,2015 in After-Project

So you've just spend thousands of dollars on some beautiful new hardwood flooring. The installation maybe had a hiccup or two but your project is finally complete and you couldn't be happier. Outside of simply enjoying your flooring, you may want to learn a little more about caring and maintaining your flooring. Here are some useful tips that will help you do just that:

- Clean loose dirt and grit from the floor using a dust mop, broom or vacuum (without a beater bar head).
- Promptly wipe up food or liquid spills with a soft damp cloth.
- Do not use oil-based products such as oil soap.
- For additional hardwood floor cleaning, use a product designed for cleaning hardwood floors that does not contain lemon oil or ammonia.
- Do not use a wet mop to clean your floor and do not allow the floor to become flooded.
- Never wax your hardwood floor.
- Keep your pet’s nails trimmed.
- Use plywood or Masonite to protect your floor when rolling heavy loads such as appliances across your floor.
- Install proper floor protectors on the feet of furniture.
- Avoid heavy impacts, spiked high-heels, and rotational loads.
- Have a professional repair any areas of the flooring that becomes damaged.

Not all flooring is created equal, be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions when preparing to install, during installation, and after installation. It just could be the difference in your floors finish and years of beauty or costly repairs down the road.

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