Choosing a Designer


January 01,2016 in Pre-Project

Should you start your home project with a builder or a designer? The first thing a builder should do is engage the services of a residential architect or designer. It is illegal to build from a set of house plans more than once unless the builder has purchased a multi-use license from the architect or designer. Do not allow any builder to tell you that they can simply rebuild from an old set of plans they have laying around. If a designer or architect finds out that information, you could end up losing your home since they own the copyright to their design. Google "architect copyright infringement laws" in your state. Designs are alot like songs, they are owned by the designer or architect that created them. Don't take a chance, engage a talented design team from the start, and get the exact house design you want, designed for you and your family, not something simply copied and slightly changed and legally questionable. At Dallas Design Group, we are experts in Design and construction. We have a design team that is creative, efficient, affordable, talented and experienced. We will help you throughout the design and construction process.

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