Can building a home be easy?


April 28,2016 in Pre-Project

Can building a home be easy?

Is it possible to really enjoy building your home?

We say – YES!

Yes it is possible to enjoy building your home, and we strive to make this happen for each and every client.

You hear so many horror stories about how home building went so very wrong for others that you expect disaster at every stage of the building process. However, Sally Sinclair is just one of many of our clients who found that building a house was not only enjoyable, it was downright fun and hassle free!

Sally built with her new home in Kalynda Chase with Grady Homes a few years ago. She credits the enjoyable building experience to the building company, Grady Homes, that she chose to build her new home.

“I just want to say that if anyone is thinking of building a home then they just could not go past Grady Homes for professionalism, friendliness and fun! I had a great time building with them. Everyone was so easy to get along with and it all went so smoothly that I found building a real pleasure.”

“People ask me why it went so well and I think one reason is that they have a brilliant team. From the sales and office staff, to the site supervisors and subbies, Grady Homes seem to have people who are easy to get along with.”

“Grady Homes was so organised with the build that even after allowing for rainy days and holidays, our house was still completed two weeks early! We were able to move in straight away too,  which was just fantastic.”

“The house is just so beautiful. It’s been designed to exactly suit our needs and we are really, really happy with it. It really does give you a nice warm feeling inside when you move into your very own home.” 

Sally said she has heard so many scary stories from people who had built homes that she was anxious at the beginning. So, we asked her why she chose Grady Homes to build her new home.

“Even though there is just my son and I, we had outgrown the cottage we were in. So, I sold that thinking I was going to buy another house to move into straight away, but I couldn’t find anything I loved. Mum wanted to help me find a house, so one day while driving around we stumbled upon the Kalynda Chase estate. One of the display homes there was a Grady Home and I asked Mum what she thought. She was really impressed. Both Mum and Dad had worked with Grady Homes in the past and have a great respect for them. Mum mentioned that Grady Homes had an excellent reputation so I was confident about my decision from the start.”

“Even though we went to other builders to look at their display homes, the finish on the other houses was nowhere near as good as the Grady Display Home. I must admit that because of all of the building horror stories that I had heard, I was apprehensive throughout the build. I was nervous just waiting for it all to fall apart and go wrong, but the build was really well planned and there were no real issues along the way at all.”

“All in all i would have to say that Grady Homes was very professional, very friendly and very easy to get along with. Building my new home was just so easy with Grady!

If you want to enjoy building your new home, contact Grady Homes or visit one of our Display Homes and see for yourself why we are Townsville’s most recommended builder.