Picking The Right Colors For Your New Custom Home

Gary F. Gardner, Inc.

June 14,2016 in During-Project

When picking the colors for your brand new home, here are a few tips to consider! Consider lighting: How much sunlight reaches that room, and what kind of lighting you have in the room, whether it be recessed, floor lamps, or pendants.

Start in the smaller spaces: Test out a bathroom or laundry room first just to get a feel for the color and shades, then you can move on to larger spaces.
Consider the room next door: Walk from one space to the other. Get a real feel for the two spaces and make sure that your color choices flow with one another.
Consider the mood: Think about what room you are painting and the mood you would like to set for that room. For example, in your master bedroom you probably are looking for a cozy and soothing mood. Or are you looking for dramatic and spunky? This is important to know when choosing colors for spaces because softer colors will create a more soothing environment. Whereas brighter, bolder colors will create a more dramatic atmosphere.