How To Maintain An Inground Pool

Baden Pools

June 23,2016 in After-Project

Many people are interested in adding inground pools to their property – not only do they offer endless summers of fun, they increase the value of the home by around 8%. After installation is complete, however, it is important that you properly care for the pool to ensure that it remains in tiptop condition for many years to come. We have compiled this guide to help you out.

In Season

1.Check the pool's pH and chlorine levels at least twice a week. The water should maintain a pH range of 7.4 to 7.6 and a chlorine level of 1.0 to 3.0 parts per million (ppm). Test the water at dusk, at least 4 hours after all swimmers have gotten out and 8 hours after rain or a windstorm.

2.Clean the inground pool at least once a week. A thorough cleaning requires that you empty the skimmer baskets, skim the leaves and debris from the surface of the water, and use a vacuum cleaner designed for such use to clean debris from the bottom of the shell.

Off Season

1.Carefully inspect the pool before you close it for the winter. Look for cracks, leaks or any other damage that needs to be addressed. It's better to fix any problems immediately, as freezing winter temperatures are only going to make them worse.

2.Test the water's chemical levels and adjust accordingly. You should use the same testing procedures and materials that you would during the summer. It's also important that you clean and shock the inground pool using the same guidelines.