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Drake Homes is a progressive, experienced, and community-driven home builder in Des Moines.

Since 2005, Drake Homes ( has collaborated with home buyers who expect the very best in Des Moines new home construction. Serving all of Iowa, our dedicated team is committed to making your custom home building ideas come to life. Although we’re proud to be building around 50 new homes each year, our goal will never be to become the largest Iowa home builder. Instead, our brand vision is to provide an enjoyable home building experience that results in amazing, affordable, and contemporary homes for young professionals and families all around Iowa. Live like a rockstar!

Contact :
Todd Drake 
Firm Name :
Drake Homes 
Web site : 
Home Builder 
Location :
West Des Moines,Iowa 
1300 50th St, West Des Moines, IA, United States
Phone :
Price Range of Homes :
$200,000- $400,000 
Years in Business :
10-15 Years
Homes Built Per Year :
50-75 Homes

Snow Blows

As a Des Moines home builder who builds year-round, we’ve seen the harsh conditions that winter can bring in Iowa.Here a few interesting tips to help you clear this flying white monster!

November 10,2014  |  0