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Real Estate purchase or Real Estate sells. We specialize in commercial, residential, rentals and investment properties.

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Los Angeles, Ca
San Fernando Valley, Ca
Santa Clarita Valley, Ca
Antelope Valley, Ca

Business Description
As A Real Estate Professional, my job is to advise and work for you, for all your real estate needs, whether you're looking to purchase the home of your dreams or you're ready to sell your most valuable asset, your property.

My job includes helping my clients through the whole Real Estate process from the very beginning to the end. We start our clients by qualifying them for a home loan that best suits the client and rest assure our clients get the best rates and loan programs a team of professional loan associates has to offer.

Followed by hunting for your dream home. I make sure to search for properties that include your must haves and highest interests off your own checklist and not stopping the house hunt until we find your dream home & get those keys in your hands!.

And If you are a homeowner who is ready to sell their property for top dollar, then I have you covered as well. One of the benefits of being an experienced real estate agent is having the connections to buyers, sellers, and other real estate professionals to make a quick sell. I spend time and effort to sell your property for the best and highest price your home can receive, never settling for less !

If Real Estate is the name Alfredo Gutierrez know"s the game !! Don't make the mistake of not hiring a professional in one of the biggest assets of your life !! I always have my client's highest and best interest in mind, period ! Trust me when I say you will get the loyalty, honesty and Integrity you deserve.
CALL me today for a consultation appointment, so we can set you on the right path by getting you into the home of your dreams or selling your most valuable asset for top dollar.

CALL Today!! Don't wait and miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of these low-interest rates and affordable properties.

About Me
As an athlete in my youth, I'm naturally competitive and have a strong desire to produce the best results. However, I am also a strong team player and have the ability to motivate and help my others improve their performance.

Building a career in sales I am a driven salesperson; combining a natural sales ability and a strong motivation to achieve the most in everything I do.
I have built strong customer relationship skills over the years being able to build a strong rapport with clients and always being there to serve their business needs.
With 15 years of work experience, 10 of those years in sales.

So as a real estate professional, a career I've always had a great passion for, I help people buy property, sell the property, or rent property. This could be single family homes, land, condos, or businesses. I work with property buyers or sellers and help them navigate the complex nature of the property market talk with clients to find out what kind of property they want and what they are willing to sell or pay, and any specific amenities they are seeking. I work with all real estate resources and professionals to find the properties that suit my client's needs.

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Alfredo Gutierrez 
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Keller Williams Realty Los Feliz 
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Los Angeles,California 
1660 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, California 90027, United States
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(661) 965-2040 
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Investment Property

These are just a few pictures after all the work was done on my investment property. 

June 11,2016  |  0