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Full Scribe, Timber Frame and Post and Beam Custom Log Homes

Areas Served
Canada, United States, Europe and Asia.

Business Description
Artisan Custom Log Home Construction has been designing, creating and building log cabins and log structures throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia for over 30 years. Artisan may well be the oldest established log home construction company in Western Canada. Rob Littler, President, has been recognized for his work with log home plans of any style and has been actively building log cabins and other forms of log home construction since 1973. Rob built his first log home in Quesnel, a small northern town in B.C.. He then moved to Mission B.C. where Artisan has been building ever since.

About Me
Artisan is a family owned and operated business that was founded by Rob and Katherine Littler and has now been passed down to the second generation, his three sons. All three sons are actively involved in Artisan.

Dustin began working in the log yard back in 1998 and has since moved into the office and helps with the design work including log home plans and drafting of Artisan projects. Jordan took a keen interest in construction at the tender age of four years old and is now heavily involved in the construction of all Artisan Log Homes’ projects. Josh has worked in the log yard and office for over 13 years. After completing business school, he has taken on the roll of marketing, sales and customer care.

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Firm Name :
Artisan Custom Log Homes 
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Home Builder 
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Mission,British Columbia 
10596 Shaw St, Mission, BC V4S 1J4, Canada
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Years in Business :
25+ Years
Homes Built Per Year :
15-25 Homes

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