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Services Provided
Any surface; horizontal or vertical. Match & emulate any object, finish, texture, color, protective (gloss, satin, matte); Strong & Durable - will not stain, scuff, chip, crack. Resilient against scratching; Lightweight & Non-Porous (stain resistant); Resin fabrication: unique & amazing results; Opacity is controlled to highlight embedded items or mold contour; Layering & Embedding (feature logos & branding); 3D visual effects and light play

Areas Served
Hospitality: Las Vegas Strip hotels/resorts, Southern California, Dubai, US chains.
Upscale retail, corporate, entertainment/nightlife & residential: Worldwide

Business Description
Casa Medici Designs is both a custom & manufacturing house specializing in the design and fabrication of contemporary architectural elements (including all vertical and horizontal surface coverings/panels, vanity counter/sinks, table, bar & counter tops, cabinet & door inlays, lighting fixtures, wall art and objet d’art), accessories and furnishings made of polyurethane resin, “faux cement” and resin-laminated fiberglass. We primarily cater to the hospitality sector, restaurant & nightclub/bar industries, high-end (mostly flagship) retail establishments and contemporary private residences. We also have our own product lines of decorative objects, 3D resin statues, wall art, unique planters and other distinctive items, all of which are skillfully handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Warranty Info
Limited product warranty of three (3) years covering all workmanship and manufacturing of product, provided product is handled or installed by parties approved by Casa Medici Designs. Warranty becomes effective upon payment in full. Warranty may be nullified and void in the unlikely event of improper use and/or usage or exposure to chemicals/solvents or environmental conditions which are deemed, by Casa Medici Designs, to be outside of the scope of “safe” or “normal wear and tear.”

Contact :
Tal McAbian 
Firm Name :
Casa Medici Designs 
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Artists & Artisans 
Location :
Los Angeles,California 
14242 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 202 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, United States
Phone :
(818) 4029090