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Digmaa enhances the overall experience of the building process for all involved. Builders will be able to maximize their exposure to the public while having simple tools to connect with their clients for scheduling, budgeting, and updating their clients via photos/videos throughout the building phases.

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Digmaa helps Custom home builders & all involved increase their exposure while giving the best experience to their clients. Learn more:

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Lot for Your Custom Home

There is nothing quite like selecting a piece of land and building a home on it that is meticulously tailored to your family’s needs, tastes, and lifestyle. However, doing so requires much more planning and forethought than simply buying a mov...

July 29,2016  |  0

Tips for Simplifying the Custom Home Building Process

Building your own home is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life. Rather than looking at a handful of homes that were built for someone else, when you build a custom home, you have the opportunity to personally handpick ...

July 28,2016  |  0


Owning your home can be one of the greatest privileges of life. If you are a prospective buyer, you might look at various options while selecting the perfect home for you. Have you considered getting your home built exactly like you had imagined? Yes...

May 03,2016  |  0

Build or buy existing home?

If you're in the market for a home, you may have asked yourself this question: Is it cheaper to build, or buy an existing house? That's certainly one of the questions we hear the most often. Well, like with many things in life there is no one answer ...

May 03,2016  |  0

8 Tips to Consider Before Building a House

The road to homeownership isn't always some perfectly manicured path. There are often sacrifices involved, along with saving and more saving. (Did we mention saving?) Should the time come when you're finally ready to get the house of your dreams, the...

April 29,2016  |  0

Can building a home be easy?

Can building a home be easy?Is it possible to really enjoy building your home?We say – YES!Yes it is possible to enjoy building your home, and we strive to make this happen for each and every client.You hear so many horror stories ab...

April 29,2016  |  0

How Long Does it Take to Design a Custom Home?

How long does it take to design a custom home?It’s an excellent question, and one that is frequently asked of us. Although designing a home has a different set of requirements (and a different timeline) than the multi-family and commercial projects...

April 29,2016  |  0

Should You Hire the Architect or Builder First?

This is a common question most homeowners face when they are in the process of either building a new home, an addition or adding a Pop Top to their current home. It’s our industry’s version of the chicken or the egg!Since Paradigm operates as a D...

April 29,2016  |  0

Top 5 Questions About The Custom Home Building Or Remodeling Process

To get you started, here are the top 5 questions that most people have as they begin to develop plans for a new custom home or renovation.1. Should I Renovate My Home Or Build A New One?In deciding whether to renovate your current home or build a new...

April 15,2016  |  0

What to Look for in a Home Builder?

When buying a new home, you have two options: buy pre-owned or buy a new home. For many people, the idea of having a custom home built for them is a dream that is about to become a reality. But selecting the right home builder is one of the hardest p...

April 15,2016  |  0