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Services Provided
Remodeling, energy improvement

Areas Served
Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin and San Francisco Counties. Bay Area

Business Description
Hometelligent, the place where contemporary 21st century design meets a 19th century work ethic. Hometelligent is the offspring of a merger between Dobrovat & Co. and Tier One, two companies that have a long history of service throughout the greater Bay Area. Since its incorporation, Hometelligent has grown into a multifaceted organization that is committed to providing a broad range of services through an established network of partners and affiliates.

Hometelligent is built on the foundational ideal of a tenacious work ethic and is framed with the contemporary vision of innovative design. Carrying over 75 years of collective experience among the supervisorial crew, Hometelligent can deliver what many companies today are not able to even offer: creative craftsmanship and honest hard work, all in one package.

Today, Hometelligent offers extensive consulting services for all types of residential construction. Whether a part of the implementation process or if just playing a consulting role, Hometelligent delivers all aspects of general (and eccentric) construction with confidence and excellence. With industry experts on staff that invite interaction, and design concepts that stimulate the imagination, Hometelligent has evolved into the one-stop center for all creative and practical needs,( ideas, inspirations…if you don’t like needs)

Hometelligent takes pride in a long track-record of customer satisfaction and positive referrals. The extensive experience company-wide from top management down to general crew creates an efficient work environment that provides Hometelligent the ability to offer some of the industry’s most competitive pricing.

After many years of growth and service throughout the Bay Area, Hometelligent is commited to continue to provide clients with the contemporary and creative vision they are known for, supplemented with a work ethic that few companies can match.

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Silvio Dobrovat 
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General Contractors 
Location :
1164 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706, United States
Phone :
(925) 383-8163 
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