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Are you looking for a one-stop-shop? Are you a little tired of searching for the right home? Not getting the results you would like selling your home? The experts at Focus Realty Group may be the solution you are looking for.

When it's time to list and sell, then build or buy, contact Jared, he's you guy!

Alright, I know that is pretty corny, but it's catchy right? You may have seen this in a direct mail piece, online, at an event or just someone teasing me about it in the street, but that's me, I'm Jared! I could continue to tell you how great I am as a real estate professional, but how about you learn a little bit more about me, the person, the man, the husband and the father.

My passion. If you had a chance to read a little on our home page, you would have read about my passion for housing. I know it doesn't sound that sexy, but I love housing, always have. Since a young boy I would draw homes and floor plans. I used to love to make houses and buildings out of Lego and the old fashioned Lincoln Logs, remember those? Housing is just in my blood. I. Love. It. I also love people, always have. I like being around people. I love helping people. And finally, I am a natural-born problem solver. I enjoy hearing a problem and coming up with a creative solution. I like to use logic, math, reason, and way out-of-the-box creative brainstorming to find the best possible solution to any problem. In real estate there are two problems: either, you need to move and sell; or, you need to move and buy. I can solve those problems for you. Someone once shared a quote with me that impacted my life. It read something like, "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life". That's me and the housing industry. Take houses (which I love) and people (who I love) who have a housing problem (that I love to solve) and "voila", you get an amazing career and my clients get results! Even if you don't use me as your Realtor or Custom Home Builder, find someone that loves what they're doing - it makes the entire process much more of a pleasure for you.

My town. As I grew my family moved, a lot. Take a breath, here are some of the places I have lived: California, Utah, England, France, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida. We weren't even military! Anyway, my lovely wife Paula and I settled in Florida many, many years ago and we love it. We especially love Lakeland and Central Florida - it's "my town". We raised our three gorgeous children here, and we will soon be empty nesters. Hard to believe because I look so young, right?! I am an expert at the area, mostly because I love living here and want my family to experience all that the area has to offer. Obviously, this translates into my ability to help others when they don't know the area as well.

Lastly, when you have hired me as your professional Realtor partner, and we have been very successful either selling your current home, buying an existing home, or building your custom home, you can laugh and tell your friends that "you went to Jared!"
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