We are undergoing a hard time when the virus that causes COVID 19 spreads worldwide. All nations around the world witnessed an economic crisis that many businesses are making a downturn up to now. Sporting is treated as one of the most heavily affected industries that all tournaments have to be postponed until the coronavirus is under control. 

According to the representatives of Tokyo 2020 Toshiro Muto, both two famous competitions known as the Olympics and Paralympics could be taken place with a limited number of onlookers. It meant that anyone who really wants to go to the stadium instead of watching through the screen should buy the ticket as fast as possible. He told the BBC sports that: “ We will try our best to organize a successful tournament to remark the best time after COVID 19.” 

While many professionals are concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus among players, official information was made and announced by the president of the International Olympic Committee that: “ We need to prepare carefully the upcoming season instead of thinking about the cancelation again. I think that both players and coaches should be encouraged by their real fans as well as families.” 

As you probably know, the Games have been delayed for a year because of the dangerous virus from Wuhan. There were many athletes who have died during the pandemic because they had close contact with other victims. When being asked about the spectators in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Muto shared his thinking that He would allow a small number of people who can have a chance to attend the match but they have to be full awareness of social distancing. 

Some experts are considering about new vaccines which can be a good treatment for the victims. “ It is much better if there is a cure for this dangerous disease, but we are not informing that it is impossible to hold the event without it. Our task is building a place where people feel comfortable to come. All athletes will be tested for Coronavirus before and after entering Japan in order to make sure that the virus won’t spread to other nations. 

If this 2020 Olympic goes as scheduled, this will be a landmark of the sporting event after the pandemic. Let’s make our dream come true !.