As you probably know, the rapid outbreak of COVID 19 has made a great impact on all sporting events around the world, especially the upcoming Olympics Games which will be held in Tokyo. The operators of this famous competition have to discuss carefully in order to find out the most suitable measures during this global pandemic. The NBA’s representatives Adam Silver announced in an interview that the Olympics games will make a great affect on the whole schedule in 2021. There is one thing that all people have to take into consideration that participation will be limited.

“ As you can see, there are many excellent US players who desire to be a part of the competition. We have to come up with a lot of difficulties that 15 NBA players won’t have a chance to compete in the Olympics. Players as well as coaches are trying their best to practice everyday with the hope that they will be the official member of the national team. Remmember that something surprising will happen, let alone unique circumstances. All they have to do now is proving the talent to all people and make a reamrkable performance in the next time.” – Silver shared his thinking on the CNN.

According to Silver’s prediction, the upcoming NBA season will start soon in January when the Coronavirus is temperarily controlled. Players will choose to compete in the sport they like and there are totally 82 matches and playoffs. The detailed plans will not be revealed until the official date comes. If everything goes as scheduled, the season will begin in October and lasts for some months until mid april.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Game will sart in July 23. If the header of the NBA doesn’t make some changes in the official date to hold the NBA season , it will happen the same time with the Olympics. Due to the serious spreading of COVID 19, almost all activities of the NBA have to be postponed for at least four months which is a big disadvantage to both players as well as coaches. 

“ It is a special thing in our plan so we are finding the suitable solution for this matter. It would be quite difficult for us to make a decision in January but I think that there will be a suitable plan for the competition.” – Silver promised in a negotiation.