American Athletes to Watch in the 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics are here with us. This year’s event will be unusual as there will be new sports such as karate, skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing that will be making a debut. Baseball and softball will also be making a comeback.

As the whole world shifts attention to Tokyo where the show will be, we have compiled a list of a few American athletes to watch during the games.

Simone Biles, Gymnast

Biles, a gymnast, wowed the whole world during the 2016 Olympics with her stellar moves. She has a big task on her shoulders during the upcoming games, but she has never been one to disappoint. During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Biles won individual gold medals in the vault and floor. She also bagged a bronze in balance beam as well as gold as part of the United States team.

Caeleb Dressel, Swimmer

Dressel broke Michael Phelps’s two records in 2019 to win eight medals during the World Aquatics Championships. During the event, Dressel also smashed Phelp’s world record in the 100-meter butterfly. Dressel was part of the American team during the Rio Olympics in 2016. This year, he hopes to secure his first individual medal in the upcoming games.

Michael Andrew, Swimmer

Even though Andrew didn’t make it to the 2016 Olympics, he is a man to watch in the games this year. Having turned professional at the young age of 14, Andrew is known for his non-traditional style, which involves Ultra Short Race Pace Training.

Morgan Hurd, Gymnast

While Simone Biles’s name is what comes to mind when gymnastics are mentioned, Morgan Hurd is slowly following in her footsteps and will soon be a household name. She will be in Team USA in the 2020 Olympics allowing her to present her skill to the world. Eighteen years old now, Hurd won the 2017 Artistic Gymnastics World Champion all-round title.