According to the former plans,  American basketball team will get together from July 4th 2020 and appear in the press conference on July 24th before going to Tokyo. However, due to the rapid spread of Covid 19, NBA had to be postponed for about 30 days or more which made the coach Gregg Popovich change all his plans. 

“ This will be the proper way in comparison with the current circumstance” The leaders of NBA want that the time for holding 2020 summer Olympics is between June and August. If they have to decide, many basketball stars will not take part in the upcoming Olympic games in Japan. The appearance of this dangerous virus has made many big tournament delayed, but the International Olympic Committee also remains following the beginning decision. Assistant of Gregg Popovich – Mr Steve Kerr said that instead of the strongest team, they will let the reserve one to take part in this event due to the lengthy delay. 

“ Pop and I has been conferring with each other for some weeks. There is nothing that official to believe in. The organizers has not informed about the exact time for olympic. All we do now is just guess what would happen next time”. “ At this moment, all we can do is planning for another plan in case the 2020 summer olympics game is held in time. We will create the most suitable team to join in this event” – Shared by the leader of Golden State Warriors.

American Basketball Federation announces 44 best players to take part in the 2020 Olympics Game. The athletic named these American finalists as the “ Exterminator” because they are the most outstanding faces of National Basketball Association (NBA). However, according to the centers for disease control and prevention of United States, both players as well as coaching staffs will not go to Tokyo to protect people from being affected by Covid 19.