In a recent statement, Thomas Bach spoke out his thinking about the upcoming sporting event: “ The 2020 Summer Olympics is treated as one of the biggest chance for us to celebrate the existence of a global pandemic whose name is COVID 19. It is such a colorful light that everyone is looking forward to witnessing as soon as possible.” “ The world is undergoing a hard time when there is a serious economic crisis and no one can earn a living because all businesses are being postponed. Therefore, we need to try our best to prepare carefully for the Olympics.” He added.

The question that most of the people are asking is whether this dangerous will be controlled effectively in 2021 when the Tokyo Olympics starts. According to some healthcare centers, Coronavirus is spreading continuously around the world which is very difficult to fight against. There are nearly 600,000 deaths up to now and many people have positive tests for this virus. Can this famous competition be held as scheduled ?

“ If the current situation doesn’t have any changes, the Olympic Games in 2021 have no opportunity to be taken place as scheduled.” – Kentaro Iwata at Kobe University said in an interview. According to some professionals, COVID 19 is growing rapidly and it prevents us from organizing a big sporting event this year. With only a small stadium in Japan, we can not maintain 2 meters of distance like other places. There will have a vaccine which can cure for this disease but it can not be available by the next summer.  

The representatives of some nations are discussing about the solution to solve this matter. If this competition can be held in a new method, we will control the Coronavirus easily. In the worse case, the Olympic Village or some typical sports have to be postponed until further notice. 

“ We are trying our best to hold a remarkable Olympic Games as soon as possible. However, we need to accept the circumstance and find the suitable ways to overcome them. We hope that in the future, the event will happen on time and there is no cancellation at all.” The IOC shared some information about some aspects of the Olympic Games and they decided not to reveal the details to all people at this time.