Some days ago, Jerry Colangelo – who is known as the USA Basketball Representative as well as the managing director informed to all fans around the world that Wizards guard Beal had an opportunity to take part in the final of Summer Olympic Games. Besides, there were 12 official members that come along with Beal to bring back the medal for 2020 US Olympic Men’s Basketball team. IN August 5th 2019, Beal was treated as an potential player and that was the reason why he came to USA Basketball Men’s National Team

\In addition to this, many other organizations wanted to pursuit him such as USA Basketball Men’s National Mini Camp , U17 World Championship, Nike Hoop Summit,… Thanks to the good skills and best determination, he has established his reputation around the world and became one of the most famous basketball players of all time. 

Throughout his career, Beal has been awarded a lot of valuable prizes which helped him make a good impression with many coaches as well as professionals. He had totally 40 points in this season and passed teammate John Wall to rank the third on world list on February 3, 2020. He has participated in many different tournaments for eight years so that he gained a lot of experience which many people don’t have.

Not only working on the court but Beal also accompanied with a high school called Ron Brown College Preparatory to go on his partnership. This season, Beal has created many interesting activities for student in RBHS such as : making a holiday, awarding some scholarships for good students , setting up a tour to Howard University. He also had prize in this action to honor his cares community assist.

If you often update some information about the summer olympic games this year, you may know clearly about the time as well as the official hosted nation. It will be held in Tokyo, japan from July 24th to the end of August. There will be twelve nations that have chance to take part in this international tournament. However, due to the rapid outbreak of Covid 19, this activity had to be postponed until further notice, which made both players as well as spectators felt disappointed. The chairman of this competition has discussed with governments and some presidents of nation to build up a new plan which might be suitable for the current condition.