Cities That Have Hosted Olympic Games in USA

The United States of America goes down in history as one of the countries in the world where most Olympic Games have taken place – eight times in total. The country will also host the Olympics for the ninth time in 2028 In Los Angeles, California.

Below are some of the cities where the Olympics took place:

St. Louis, Missouri

This is where the first-ever Olympic Games to take place in the United States were held in 1904. The games which were previously to take place in Chicago went on for four and a half months featuring 95 games. It is here that prizing with gold, silver and bronze began. Only twelve countries took part in the competitions.

Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid played host to the Winter Olympics in 1932, and during this time, over 200 athletes from 17 countries participated. Some of the games included; ice hockey, speed skating, Nordic skiing, sled dog race, cross-country skiing, and ski jumping, curling, women’s speed skating, and figure skating. Lake Placid also hosted the 1980 Winter Games.

Los Angeles, California

The 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics took place in LA, which will also play host to the 2028 summer games. In 1932, only 37 nations sent participants due to the Great Depression, but there was a considerable increase in the number of countries that took part in 1984. A total of 140 nations took part in raising the number of athletes who participated to 6,800. The event took a maximum of 16 days.

Salt Lake City, Utah

This is where the most recent Olympics to happen in the USA took place in 2002. Over 2,000 athletes from 78 countries took part. It is also during this time that women’s bobsleigh event debuted. The event which was officially opened by then US president George W. Bush also saw countries such as Croatia and Estonia win their first medals in Winter games.