DaDalilah Muhammad, American Pride Muslim Athlete

SPEAKING of accomplished athletes in the United States, Dalilah Muhammad’s name is certainly not to be missed. He could even carve out a new history in the world of sports in Uncle Sam’s Country — the nickname of the United States.

Dalilah is known to have made her name as the only Muslim female athlete of the United States to win a gold medal at the 2016 Olympic games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He won the gold medal from the 400-meter sprint.

In addition to Dalilah, there is one more medal that Muslim female athletes of the United States can present at the 2016 Olympics. However, the medal was not gold, but silver, from fencing sports through the actions of Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Dalilah himself was very happy and proud to achieve such a sweet result in a very prestigious sports competition, namely the Olympics. She also didn’t expect to be named the first Muslim female athlete of the United States to do so.

“It feels amazing to be the first woman to win an Olympic goal. The United States has a lot of good athletes,” Dalilah said after winning the medal in 2016, as quoted from Team USA’s Youtube.

“Of course being a part of it is an honor. It feels crazy and unbelievable to win the Olympics,” he continued.

In addition to recording these achievements, Dalilah is also known to succeed in achieving other sweet results in competitions that are no less prestigious. One of them occurred in 2019, where the runner born February 7, 1990, broke the world record in his own name on the 400-meter goal run at the World Athletics Championships. He recorded a time of 52.16 seconds.

“All finalists are very talented athletes who offer us incredible flexibility and ability, and the finalist team will feature a number of players from those who are highly experienced and accomplished in international basketball to players who will be future international stars,” he said.

All 44 nominees have experience in the NBA. James, a three-time Olympic medalist, has the most international experience by playing 68 games.

“For the rest of the NBA season we will continue to monitor all athletes,” Colangelo said, “Selecting a list of 12 U.S. player names is obviously a very challenging and difficult process. We will try to choose the best team that will represent our country and are expected to succeed in a difficult mission to repeat as the fourth consecutive Olympic champion.”