With 44 basketball stars being gathered for taking part in Olympic Tokyo 2020, American national basketball team new can be classified into 4 powerful basketball formations that have enough experiences and ability to win the prestigious Olympic Tokyo gold medal.

The Athletic used the word “all-kill” to describe the list including 44 basketball stars being picked up by head coach Gregg Popovich for male basketball field. The most outstanding and excellent basketball stars for NBA are all gathered, even the superstar Kevin Durant who are still suffered from previous injuries got his name on this list too.


American national basketball team totally suffered from its own failure in the 2019 World Cup, however, at that session, there were no appearances of all-star players. LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Stephen Curry and James Harden has now all come back in the name of national spirit to take the revenge for America in Olympic 2020.

Head coach Popovich will be the one who needs to be absolutely nerve-racking as 44 players picked up are all-stars, however, there will only be final 11 official players for the competition formation.


When American basketball is another world 

In terms of basketball, American has always been the top 1 nation. They hosted the worldwide most prestigious basketball tournament, which is NBA, with a really distinguished rules from other basketball plays. NBA is just a national-level tournament, however, it is considered as the centre of basketball playing field by the whole world. Every basketball players has thrive for the American dream.

The American basketball has been under development for dozens of years with a lot of competing levels, from high school, college basketball tournaments to NBA. This is also the reason why America is where most of outstanding basketball players were born and raised.