Some days ago, citizens of Colorado Springs and sports lovers as well felt very happy to hear that a new Olympic and Paralympic Museum has officially turned out. This is treated as one of the most interesting places that made up of many people such as players, coaches and thousands of staff. Mike Tagliapietra and Matt Simpson are two famous players who were in the list of the committee since 2015 – said that they all felt surprised to have been asked for contributing their opinions about building up this stadium. They are such special people that suffer from serious diseases : blind or something like that. 

They will be the ones who can give comments about the convenience of the museum toward people that have disabilities in their daily life. Only in this way can the operators of this art fix all mistakes and create the best version at all. “ There was just one thing that they should take into consideration that a carpet in the museum is unimportant and it even makes us feel harder to go through it.” – shared by Tagliapietra. 

According to Hunter Kemper – an experienced athlete with four times participating in the Olympic Games and on top 3 most famous supporters for USOPC, said that: “ For me, this is the most famous museum in the United States. Hope that in the near future, it will become a state of an art around the world.” 

The more ideas are made, the more perfect the museum will become. Besides Hunter Kemper, there are different point of views which come from many famous players such as Benita Fitzgerald Mosley or Joey Cheek. They express their own opinions about the 12 galleries and all appearance of the building.  

After two months of publicizing to all people in the US as well as other nations, the museum is officially opened and welcomes all guests to visit. Due to the rapid outbreak of COVID 19,  all activities have been postponed for a long time and no one has a chance to come to this interesting place. Therefore, this is the time everyone enjoyed this appealing art. 

The director of Panasonic Joe Conover said in an interview that: “ Our company has established the reputation for years and almost all of the customers feel comfortable with our productions. In the future, we will be a dependable partner of Olympic museums around the world.”