Have you ever heard of a mountain biker known as Lea Davison before ? She is treated as one of the most professional biker who comes from a small village in Vermont. To many international fans, she is such an outstanding athlete thanks to her best skills as well as youthful energy. Throughout her career, she has been awarded such a lot of valuable prizes in this field: Women’s cross-country at Hadleigh Farm, ranked 7th in the 2016 Summer Olympics,.. and many other individuals medals. Behinds these achievements, her sharing about the hidden hardships of an Olympic athlete also attracts fans around the world who have dream to become an participant. 

In a recent interview with Lea Davison, she admitted that she would retire soon and find something different to give it a try. She was thought to have been finishing her third Olympics in Tokyo this year. But in fact, due to the rapid outbreak of the dangerous pandemic named as COVID 19, all competitions have been postponed until further notice. It means that the 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in 2021. 

After making some successful performances in the 2012 and 2016 games, the 37-year-old athlete feels nervous about the upcoming tournament because all activities were put on hold and there is no certainty about the time to organize it. “ If everything goes as scheduled, this would be the time for us to show out our talent. Unluckily, the appearance of a virus that originates from Wuhan has led to a serious economic crisis over the world.” Davison told the reporter. 

“ I feel that all my efforts in practicing every day have gone out. We didn’t have a chance to make our own performance at this time. I hope that this disease can be controlled effectively so that the competition will be held as fast as possible. I won’t give up pursuing my dream and that is the reason why I still practice cycling whenever I am free.” Lea Davison added. 

As you can see, since the Coronavirus came up, our income are decreasing rapidly. Not only didn’t we have enough money to live but we also donate to some hard areas which can help them to overcome the pandemic. According to some news, other nations will provide financial backing from the government, but we don’t have. Although we are Olympic athletes, we don’t have much money as many people have thought.