Olympic and the biggest opening ceremonies

Can the 2016 Olympics bring an opening ceremony comparable to the grandeur and legend of these five opening ceremonies?

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics may not be as spectacular as the public expected when it is reported that the budget for this event is only 1/20 compared to the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Given the turbulent political economy in Brazil, it will be difficult for the Rio 2016 opening ceremony to catch up with the more elaborate and grand opening ceremonies of the past.

Here are the five most memorable Olympic opening ceremonies.

5. Los Angeles 1984

This is a special Olympics because it is the first time that it is profitable thanks to the huge financial support from leading corporations. For that reason, the opening ceremony of Los Angeles 1984 was extremely elaborate, including the scene of a person flying into the stadium using a jetpack, 84 pianists playing the song “Rhapsody in Blue”. and the Symphony “Olympic Fanfare” by composer John Williams, who later won the Grammy Prize and his music became the official track of the Olympics.

4. Sydney 2000

Sydney 2000’s opening ceremony began with a rider entering the stadium, and then unexpectedly 120 knights carrying Olympic flags entered the stadium. The opening ceremony takes place like a beautiful dream with scenes celebrating the natural beauty of Australia, and the dance symbolizes immigrants from Africa, South America and Asia.

3. Moscow 1980

More than 16,000 people took part in the 1980 Olympic opening ceremony and made the event memorable. The stands on the east side of the stadium were transformed into an elaborate collage, which would later become part of almost every opening ceremony. A unique pyramid made of performers, and of course a Misha bear image.

2. London 2012

More than 900 million people around the world watched this opening ceremony, with the extremely special “appearance” of the Queen of England with the hero James Bond (Daniel Craig) arrived at the stadium via helicopter. The opening ceremony also features a tribute to the National Health Authority of England, and the comical appearance of celebrity Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson.

1. Beijing 2008

The most expensive and elaborate opening ceremony in Olympic history. At 8:00 p.m., 2008 drummers began their performance and the audience went through a journey through Chinese history with the greatest inventions. However, this opening ceremony also left a small scandal when a cute girl was discovered lip-syncing due to her unattractive appearance.