Simone Biles is being known as an American artistic gymnast. Thanks to her extraordinary talent as well as high determination, he has been awarded a lot of valuable prizes throughout her career. Many fans are impressed by the way she won in every match and her special strategies to compete with other opponents. The 23-year-old gymnast is treated as one of the most successful athletes in the world after Belarus’ Vitaly Scherbo and Russia’s Larisa Latynina. In a recent interview, she shared her future plan that she will retire from work after taking part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games this year

This year, due to the rapid outbreak of COVID 19, all sporting events have to be postponed until this dangerous pandemic is under control. Therefore, the official date that she planned to retire didn’t go as scheduled. Luckily, she informed to fans that she still participated in the upcoming competition because it is also an interesting opportunity for her to get more individual prizes. In the past, she has made remarkable performances with 30 Olympic and World Championship medals ( almost all of it are gold). She is a typical icon for anyone who wants to pursue a big dream as an energetic athlete.

Although she really wants to come back and shows her talent in this 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, she faces up to some fears that are very difficult to solve. In an interview with Vogue last week, she shared her thinking about her decision to return to this tournament. She admitted that she was among hundreds of victims who were bullied by doctor Larry Nassar. She had to use all her courage to fight against violence and her equality. 

“ I felt very worried and a little bit scared” Biles reacted to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. “ Although I have considered carefully about my decision to go on participating in this competition, I feel disappointed because I don’t want to wait for too long.”

She tried her best to practice every day to improve her skills for the 2020 Olympics. Although sometimes she feels not confident about her thinking, she always encourages herself not to give up dreams under any circumstances.  She often writes down her feeling every day and talks with friends to receive some useful advice from them.