1. Pete Desjardins ( diving)

He is being known as an American diver who has been awarded such a lot of medals throughout his career. He started establishing his reputation since he took part in 1924 and 1928 summer olympics. Pete had totally three medals including two gold and one silver. He was born and raised in South Korea but he moved to America to pursue his great passion for diving. At the Amsterdam Games in 1928, he had a remarkable in both two types of diving such as springboard and platform and the world records still stand today.  However, there are some various comments about his way of diving whether he is ametuer or not. This has lasted for a long time until he retired from this sport.

  1. Jack Kelly Sr. ( Rowing)

If you are finding a best competitor in rowing, this name is the most vivid example. His name is Jack Kelly Sr. – a famous and brilliant player in the history of rowing. He was a Olympian in 1920 and 1924 and he was also the first person to have been awarded the championship in three types of rowing. Throughout the career, besides some valuable prizes, he owned three gold medals thanks to his hard working in training everyday as well as the extraordinary talent. 

Since early 20th century, he was admired by hundreds of people and soon became a celebrity in America. Fans called him as the greatest sculler of all the time and even in the rest of his life, he was well-known for his developing business. 

  1. Paul Hamm (Gymnastics)

He is well-known as an American Gymnast who has took part in many international tournaments around the world. He joined the olympic games in 2000 and 2004  when he became an all-round champion. Thanks to his perfect skills , he has achieved three medals including one gold and two silver. Many people admire him because he is one of the most successful gymnast of all time and he was also the second one to have owned the world championship in all-round titles.

  1. Donna De Varona ( Swimming)

She is the most potential competitor in Swimming around the world. Besides , he has established his reputation as a sport caster and an powerful activist. She also had two-time participating in Olympic Games in 1960 an 1964, which helped him to gain two gold medals. She became the first female to become a commentator on the television. She is always a person who encourage other women to pursue their dreams of sports.