Sports the USA Has Never Won a Medal in During the Olympics

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While the USA remains top of the list of countries to earn the most medals at the Olympics, one would be forgiven to think Americans have bagged medals in every sport at the Olympics, but this isn’t the case. Here are five sports no athlete or team has managed to earn a medal in.


This has to be one of the toughest games both women and men teams have had to take part in. In 2016, no team qualified for the Olympics. The medal drought continues, but things might be different in the 2020 Olympics.


Ahead of the Olympics in 2016, there were high hopes Phillip Chew, an American badminton player would have earned the country its first medal in this game, but this was not to be. Despite having a strong and young team, team USA had a hard time competing against India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Table Tennis

Introduced to the Olympics thirty two years ago, table tennis has proved a tough one for the Americans. Most of the medals have gone to China, but things might be different in the 2020 Olympics.


Introduced to the Olympics in the year 2000, no American has managed to bag a medal in this event. While hopes were high in the 2016 Olympics, Charlotte Drury, a trampoline gymnast injured her ankle just before the trials denying the US a chance at earning a medal in the sport.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Russia and Ukraine dominate this sport. Most of the Olympic medals have gone to the two countries, but the USA remains optimistic. Laura Zeng took part in the 2016 Rio Olympics, but she didn’t manage to carry a medal back home. This didn’t dampen her spirits though, Zeng hopes to carry a medal back home this time.

All said and done; Team USA has its work cut out during the 2020 summer Olympic Games.