The American basketball team won the biggest Olympic history

Ownership star orchestra dubbed “the new Dream Team” in the team, the US basketball team has created a new area in an Olympics when thrashed Nigeria was horrified 156-73. This is the match with the highest score throughout Olympic history.

With famous stars playing in NBA top basketball league like Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony, Americans are considered as the number one candidates for the gold medal in London. They also showed their strength through two easy victories against France (98-71) and Tunisia (110-63).

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However, yesterday was the day that the team dubbed the “New Dream Team” of America played the most sublime. With the brilliance of Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, the army of coach Mike Krzyzewski has “destroyed” Nigeria with the highest score in basketball history at the Olympic Games: 156-73.

In the past victory in American history, Carmelo Anthony is the central character when he alone scored 37 points. However, the 28-year-old star insists that he and his teammates do not want to be compared to the golden generation that was crowned at the 1992 Olympics:

Surprisingly, Ike Diogu, who scored the most for Nigeria (27 points), insisted he did not feel anything to be ashamed of at the last defeat: “I am not angry. I don’t think they embarrassed us. When they played like that, I didn’t know if any team could beat them or not”.

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The previous Olympic record was held by Brazil with a 138-85 victory over Egypt at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Before that, the same Samba boys were the Olympic record when crushing India 137-64 in Moscow 1980 but now those old milestones have been broken by Americans. For the US team alone, the biggest victory they had before the victory was the match against China in 1996 in Atlanta (133-70).