The damage is officially declared when the Olympics go back to 2021

Tokyo 2020 must be pushed back 1 year due to COVID-19. But despite the considerable cost of the team, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games in Japan still affirms their determination to organize the Olympics successfully.

The latest report from the Olympic Organizing Committee says delaying the timing of Tokyo 2020 could increase the initial budget of $ 13 billion by 15%, meaning an additional $ 1.9 billion.

However, the Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee said it will officially decide to increase the budget to organize the Olympics day from mid-December 2020, after negotiating with the government of this country and the city of Tokyo.

Before that, Tokyo 2020 had to be delayed 1 year by COVID-19, scheduled to be held from July 23, 2021. This adjustment has affected many related problems such as re-booking tickets at match locations and shipping, as well as maintaining a huge staff of staff.

In the context of many countries having just suffered the 2nd or even 3rd outbreak of COVID-19, there were doubts about the organization of the Olympics, but the Tokyo organizers insisted that the event definitely took place.

An additional $ 1.9 billion for $ 13 billion was calculated after organizers Tokyo 2020 cut $ 280 million through things like staff reductions, banners, mascots, meals, drop shoots fireworks and the athlete welcoming ceremony, giving out less free tickets, etc.

However, the costs incurred are not related to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention. Tokyo 2020 organizers are expecting the Japanese government to receive this payment.

At the same time, the organizers of Tokyo 2020 have prepared a long list of things to do for the Olympics to be successful even without a vaccine.

Not long ago, a report from the organizers Olympic in Tokyo said the loss due to the 1-year Olympics back to 1.9 billion, equivalent to 44,000 billion.

Unexpectedly at the end of this week, it was revealed from the Tokyo 2020 executive board that Mr. Toshiro Muto gave the figure nearly double: 2.75 billion pounds!

Accordingly, COVID-19 caused the Tokyo city government to compensate an additional £ 856 million, organizers Tokyo 2020 added 735 million pounds, the Japanese government covered 507 million pounds, and the IOC took on 650 million pounds.

This situation makes the Tokyo 2020 budget, which has reached a record of 9.6 billion pounds when announced in December 2019, has reached a new scary milestone.

However, Mr. Toshiro Muto was very calm because the part of the organizers Tokyo 2020 had a solution. “We got more funding after asking partners for help, and we also have insurance,” he stated.

The optimism of the organizers Tokyo 2020 clearly remained flat, despite the fact that earlier this week they had to refund 18% of the tickets sold, amounting to 810,000 out of 4.46 million tickets.