In USA, Olympic games is are treated as one of the most important sporting events of the nation. Every year, the national team also prepares carefully for the event by practicing day by day and have a suitable training by the coaches. The US has been awarded many valuable prizes thanks to the excellent team and their remarkable performance in different aspects such as Swimming, basketball, volleybal,…. Have you ever been curious about the best sportsmen of US olympic games over the years ? Look at this list below to get more interesting information. 

  1. Edwin Moses

Edwin Corley Moses is a citizen of America and being well-known as a field athlete. Throughout his career, he has achieved such a lot of individual prizes. The thing that make him special in comparison with other one is his winning in 400-meter hurdles. According to the comments of his colleagues as well as some professionals, he is an unbeatable sportsmen that they have ever known. Thanks to the brilliant talent and his determination, he always had medals whenever taking part in a competition. The most memorable moments of him is when he had three-time becoming the Olympic medalist. Mose won 122 races from 1977 to 1987 and especially there were about 107 finals- which are a good result.

  1. Mark Spitz

Do you know who is the person that being treated as the king of swimming in US olympic games ? He is Johnny Weissmuller- who is the superstar in this sport. Besides, another one who is also has great reputation known as Mark Spitz. He was the first swimmer to have success in media sensation. Throughout his career, he also achieved a lot of medals in different competitions around the world such as : 1972 Munich Olympics, 1968 Mexico City Olympics,.. He became the most iconic in swimming when setting world records in every event that he took part in: 11 medals and 33 world records that still stand today.

  1. Sugar Ray Leonard

Among many superstars in boxing such as Michael Spinks, Leon Spinks, and Howard Davis, Leonard is treated as the most successful player in this game of United States. He is an American former professional boxer who achieved many valuable prizes. Besides, he is also famous for his talent in acting as well as good speaker. In 1976, with his determination and hard working, he took part in the Olympic Games and was awarded gold medal, which helped him to established his reputation in boxing. 

  1. Greg Louganis. 

When it comes to diving sports, we should have heard about the name of Greg Louganis. He became dominant in his career thanks to great performance in springboard as well as platform event. The thing that make him famous when he was 16 year old is when he had silver medal in Olympic games. He is a special person because he is a LGBT activist who help many people to have more encouragement to come out. There are a lot of bad comments about his sexuality, but he decided to flur and overcome all of that difficulties.