The postponement of the Olympic Games for the summer of 2021

According to the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, the Tokyo authorities and the Japanese government, the postponement of the Olympic Games for the summer of 2021 will cost about $2.8 billion. A week earlier, the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri, citing its sources in the organizing committee, reported that the postponement of the Games will cost $1.9 billion.

The tripartite meeting estimated that a third of the claimed expenditure would go towards measures to combat the coronavirus. The largest part of the expenses are borne by the city authorities – $1.1 billion, slightly less – $1 billion – the organizing committee of Tokyo 2020, the rest will be added by the national government. As Ms. Koike noted, they all have the same goal – to ensure the safety of the Games, and the biggest problem – additional costs. “This is the most serious issue in preparation for the games. We need the understanding and support of the people of Tokyo and the Japanese people,” she said. Dates for the Tokyo Olympics are July 23-August 8, and the Paralympic Games are august 24-September 5, 2021.

Pyrotechnics are no higher than the second class of danger, in particular, small firecrackers and fireworks-fountains, which can be used in buildings from January 1, 2021. This is provided for by the new version of the fire-fighting regime rules, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia said. Now firecrackers and fireworks-fountains can be used only on the street.

“From January 1, 2021, pyrotechnics are allowed in buildings and facilities not higher than the second class of danger, the radius of the danger zone of which does not exceed 5 m,” the Ministry of Emergency Situations told TASS. The first class includes sparklers and flappers, and they could have been run indoors before. More powerful fireworks and firecrackers belonging to the third class, as before, can be launched only outdoors. To run pyrotechnics, above the third class of danger, you need a special permit.

The new fire-fighting regulations also set additional requirements for the preparation and conduct of fireworks at mass events. According to them, the organizers of fireworks will need to draw up diagrams of the area with the application of fireworks and the boundaries of the safe zone, allocate places for storage of pyrotechnics and its disposal.

During the fireworks, the spectators must be on the windward side. At the launch sites of pyrotechnics, it is forbidden to smoke and start a fire, and it is impossible to leave pyrotechnics unattended. Responsibility for security rests with the organizers. After the use of pyrotechnics, they must clear the territory of pyrotechnics, including those that have not worked, and their elements. Administrative responsibility for the violation is provided, the minimum fine is 2 thousand rubles.