1. What does Olympic present for ?

This is treated as one of the most popular competitions for all players who have great passion for sports. It is held with purpose of finding the top nation by competing in many kinds of sport. There are two big congresses such as Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games. These event are held respectively every two years in 4-years period. The appearance of Olympic games regards as the symbol of international peace. It is playing an important in cooperating many nations in the world. Furthermore, this event is a good chance for participants to show up their extraordinary talents.

  1. The history of Olympic Games.

For about 2700 years ago, the Greeks held their first sport event in Peloponnesus peninsula every four years. The basic rule was that players didn’t allow to bring any weapons into the arena. However at that time not many people heard of this olympic games.

It was not until 1896 that the first Olympic games held in Athens, Greece has marked the most important milestone in the development process of event. In 1904, the third summer olympic games was held in ST. Louis, United States  and this was the first event in North America. Until 1913, The official banner was made with the cooperation of 5 colorful circles. It symbolizes for the unity of 5 different continents around the world.

From 1913 to now, Olympic Games has been held in different nations to make this competition more attractive as well as various with players. This can help all nations improve its skills and experience many beautiful landscapes while participating abroad.

In 2020, Summer Olympic games will be runned in Tokyo, Japan and this will be the first city in Asia hosting this competition twice.Unluckily, due to the appearance of coronaviruses, this event might be postponed until the epidemics go out. 

  1. The most impressive images in Olympic Games

If you are a fan of this sport event and has ever followed many matches, you must have known the Olympic flame. It will be lit up before the match starting in order to show out their determination to win this game. This tradition was derived from the first Olympic games of the greeks in 1936.