The U.S. has approved a new law on doping. Now they will catch violators even in Russia?

The U.S. Senate has approved the Rodchenkov Act, which gives U.S. authorities the power to prosecute anti-doping lawbreakers around the world. This law is directed not against athletes who are punished by WADA, but against the organizers of doping schemes.

Although who prevents to consider a violated athlete an accomplice of fraud?

The President’s Signature

For the law to come into force, it must be signed within ten days by the still-existing US President Donald Trump. But if he refuses to sign his autograph for any reason, Joe Biden will surely do it.

Under this law, U.S. authorities can prosecute crimes that may have been committed not even in the United States. It is enough that American athletes participate in these competitions, either the rights to the show were sold in the USA, or the sponsors of the tournament would conduct business in the United States.

By and large, any major tournaments, including the Olympic Games, fall under these definitions. But what threatens violators? Up to ten years in prison and huge fines, as well as the seizure of any property in favor of the United States. After the court’s decision, of course.Participants in doping schemes

The authors of the law, Senators Orrin Hatch and Sheldon Whitehouse claimed to have developed it as a response to a state-sponsored doping scheme in Russia that came to light after the Sochi Olympics.

And against the organizers of doping schemes – coaches, doctors, officials, masseurs, plumbers, who can punch a hole in the wall of the laboratory and change test tubes with samples.

But who and what prevents Rodchenkov from recognizing an athlete as a member of the doping scheme? Doesn’t he benefit from the services of distributors? And he can act in any capacity in such a scheme. For example, take a clean sample so that it can be used at the right time.

Given that by law it is possible to consider cases even 10 years ago, the Americans got the right to investigate everything that happened at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Re-examine Rodchenkov’s testimony (or get new ones), gather evidence and go to court. And in this case, there is no doubt about the decision of the American court.

Now, for example, all the participants in the report of Professor Richard McLaren, based on the data of Grigory Rodchenkov, will have to stay in Russia or in some friendly countries for life. Otherwise, there is a risk of arrest and extradition to the United States.