The United States once plotted to prevent the Soviet Union from hosting the Olympic Games (Part 1)

The Sunday Telegraph (UK) has just released declassified documents of the US Government and Congress in the 80s, including evidence that Washington not only sought to prevent the organization of the 22nd Summer Olympics in Moscow, but also intended to organize an Olympic-like sports competition in the Côte d’Ivoire in Africa to oppose the Soviet Union.

There are things this vicious plan can not be done and Côte d’Ivoire Nor have the opportunity to be the first African country to host the Olympics.

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Accompanied by disagreements during the Cold War, moreover, the Soviet Union’s introduction of troops Afghanistanhas created opposition in the international community. Some have taken measures to prevent the Olympic organization in the Soviet Union. This made Americans very excited, especially when they were looking for ways to lower and discredit the Soviet Union’s influence on the region and the world.

US President Jimmy Carter finds ways to effectively implement the intention to prevent the Soviet Union from hosting the Olympic Games. Earlier, he directed government officials and the US Department of State to speak to advise the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to change the venue. Accordingly, it is possible to transfer the venue for the Olympic GamesAthens, Greece or Canberra, Australia. On the other hand, J.Carter hopes that through this it can incite and promote developing countries with a neutral stance to join the ranks of countries preventing Moscow from organizing the 22nd Olympics.

After these diplomatic moves, US State Department officials traveled to a country formerly occupied by the French colonial colony, Côte d’Ivoire, located in Central West Africa to advise the country to stand. organizes a sports competition similar to Olympic.

In February 1980, Congress sent the US diplomatic mission at Côte d’Ivoire a written request for its diplomatic representative to make a request to the Côte d’Ivoire government.

The reason, US choice Côte d’Ivoire because this is a country with a relatively stable economic and political situation in Africa and its incumbent president has a pro-American stance, Western countries and opposes the Soviet Union.

In an attempt to isolate and to light another Olympic flame outside the Soviet border, close US allies such as Britain and Italy all had very effective support for the proposal.