The United States once plotted to prevent the Soviet Union from hosting the Olympic Games (Part 2)

Under these circumstances, the US Congress hopes to develop the Olympics at 4 or 5 host places and each continent will have a venue. 

The document also shows that the US Government has lost a lot of efforts to persuade the IOC with the intention of making the organization believe that, if a sports competition is held in   a country outside the Soviet Union, then Soviet encouragement would not be prevented from going there.

In addition to Côte d’Ivoire, US Congress MPs also send cipher messages to US embassies in Rome, Tokyo and Beijing to ask these ambassadors to speed up the diplomatic campaign for shuttle countries. Italy, Japan and China co-host and organize the Olympic Games similar to the Olympic Games according to US plans.

However, the documents and documents of the US Government do not specify why they end up abandoning this plan, nor do they specify the extent to which they will hold an intended sports festival in Côte d’Ivoire. But according to analysts, the plan is not feasible because anyway Côte d’Ivoire can’t be compared to a superpower of the time like the Soviet Union.

The document also shows that, in order to organize this Olympic Games in Moscow, the Soviet Union spent more than 9 billion USD and set a world record in the Olympic investment budget. Moscow’s large stadiums increased from the original 50 planned to nearly 70, artificial pools from 30 to 60, stadiums from 1,300 increased to more than 1,600. In addition, Moscow renovated the city’s architectural works, completed the transportation network and all of this Côte d’Ivoire could not imagine it, let alone building and investing by itself. These are for an international-sized sports festival.