According to the latest news in the United States, many famous players in America would not have opportunity to participate in the Olympics Games or some big international tournaments if the header of the US threats not to fund anymore for the WADA ( World Anti Doping Agency ). The US’s warning has created a serious controversy among sporting communities.  Some governments of different countries suggested that WADA should punish this nation for not complying with the regulations. Will America athletes are joined in the sporting event? 

Witold Banka- the chairman of WADA shared his thinking about this matter to Reuters: “ Withdrawing the money from WADA will be a big disadvantage for all teams in the United States, especially athletes in the near future. I have discussed with many governments around the world and they felt shocked when hearing that news from the US. I hope that they will consider carefully about their decision in order not to receive the bad consequences.”

“ They want us to create new rules to avoid the non-payment of NADO to WADA. By doing so can everything be controlled completely and the funding each year will be secured. If any nations don’t comply with it, the athletes from that country will have many hardships in their careers and don’t have chances to take part in famous events in the world.”

To become an official participant of the Olympic Games, players should follow some important things which are brought in by the representatives of IOC.  They have to sign a form that ensures that they will comply with the regulations of the Olympics and the World Anti Doping Agency. “ Threatening the athletes is something that we don’t want to do. Although some countries tend to have contrary opinions, the WADA hopes that they can fix their faults by themselves instead of some serious punishments. The more efforts that every nation makes to WADA, the more developing this agency will be.” 

“ It is not the right action if the global regulator criticizes its partners to make them comply with rules, but they don’t pay any attention to a country like Russia that is holding a doping programma. They should consider to make them better in the future and hope that countries around the world will unite with each other.”