1. Tiger Woods

Have you ever heard of Tiger Woods before ? He is treated as one of the most popular golfers of all time who has made many remarkable performances throughout his career. He took the dominant in this sport thanks to his strong determination and extraordinary talent over the years. This helped him earn such a lot of money and made a good impression with people around the world. Although he was seriously injured by sport many times, he still proved his own ability in playing golf by trying his best to gain the highest prizes. He was the most potential participant in all tournaments up to now.

  1. Jesse Owens

According to some comments of professionals, he is treated as a superstar of American athletes. He had successful career when owning four gold medals at the summer olympics in 1936. What’s more, he made great performance with the appearance of Adolf Hitler – the header of Nazi Party in Germany. Owens established his reputation since he brought back a lot of prizes to his team as well as his own nation. Although he was often discriminated by his skin, he still tried his best to overcome all controversies and broke many records. 

  1. “ Babe” Ruth

When it comes to the best baseball player, people will immediately think about “ Babe” Ruth. In an interview, Ruth shared to his fans about the motivation he has pursued his bug dream as a professional baseball player. He took it up when he was just a little boy and the talent gradually showed out. He continuously became the official member of baseball clubs at school. When he grew up, he made a good impression with the coaches from different leagues that he was an important role in the baseball team at that time. He definitely the most successful baseballer of all time and the records he has made still stand today. 

  1. Michael Jordan

He was known as the most successful basketball player of all time depending on his great impact on the Chicago Bulls. He had six times becoming the champion of NBA ( National Basketball Association) , five times achieving the MVPs and many other valuable prizes. There is just one Michael Jordan in this world because no one can surpass this multiple player. He also the main motivation for anyone who want to master this sport.

  1. Muhammad Ali

He has worked as an American professional boxer who made great effect on this interesting sport. Thing that made people highly impressed was his breathtaking talent in boxing, which helped him establish his reputation as the greatest of all time. He took up boxing when he was young and this also the important thing which turned his life into a new leaf.