The Olympic games is treated as one of the most world’s famous sports competitions with the participation of more than 200 nations. It is held every four years and includes 2 different games such as Summer Games and Winter Games every two years. United States is the nation that overwhelmingly dominates in this game with many world champions awarded. 

Summer Olympic Games is an international sport event which is held by International Olympic committee every four years. USA has hosted this competition four times: The 1904 games in St Louis, the 1932 games in Los Angeles, the 1996 games in Atlanta and the 1984 games were also in Los Angeles. This nation first established its reputation in 1986 games by achieving a total of 20 medals, especially 11 gold medals for 3 sports. This is a record that still stands today, which is a dream of many athletes all over the world. From 1912 to 1932, United States enjoyed its consecutive winning with topping both gold and silver medals, overtaking all other nations in Olympic Games. The US became a power again with 10 out of 18 convincing winnings in Summer Olympic Games from 1948 to 2016. This nation took the lead in this game and currently became a strong opponent to many other nations in the world. Some Successful Summer Olympic Games of United states:

  • The Summer Olympic Games In 1896: US had 14 best athletes competing in 3 different sports: Swimming, athletics and shooting. All participants had been awarded the medals except for Charles Waldstein ( Shooting) and Gardner Williams ( Swimming ).
  • The Summer Olympic Games in 1912: There were 174 participants taking part in 68 events in 11 different sports. They have gained a total of 63 medals including 25 gold, 19 silver and 19 bronze one. The US became the number one at that time.
  • In 1920, The US repeatedly their winning by achieving the most gold and overall Olympic Medals. It was treated as Olympic Games’ s number 1 ranked best athletes at that moment. 


  • Until the latest contest in 2016, Olympic games in US is becoming more and more developing. It won 121 medals in many sports with 46 gold one. These games witnessed many prize awarded for US’s best players.

Unlike the Summer Olympic status, US never really gained any success apart from a year in 2002. It also hosted the Winter Olympic Game four times: 1932,1960, 1980 and 2002. The Winter had fewer participants than the summer because of harsh weather and not have many chance to practice.

Some Popular Winter Olympic Games :

  • The Winter Olympic Games in 1932: a sport event was held for 12 days in Febulary in Lake Placid, New York, United states. This was the first event in American at that time. The US also overtook all other nations and became the all-time Olympic Medal leader.
  • Especially in 2002 Winter Olympic Games: 76 nations from all over the world competing in 7 different sports. The US was the second runner-up after Germany and Norway. However, Becoming the host gave much boost to United states ‘s Winter Olympic Games that it never placed below fourth in the Olympic Medal Charts.