It’s not easy to guess someone who is the member of USA basketball team that looked forward to be participated in this Summer olympic games in Tokyo more than Jerry Colangelo. He is treated as one of the most famous basketball player who have three gold medals in his team and has been awarded many valuable prizes. Due to the failure of USA team in FIBA World Cup in 2019, he has more determination to come back in 2020 Tokyo olympic games this year. He is now working as managing director of the national team along with a popular coach Gregg Popovich.

As you may know, because of the rapid spread of Covid 19, all activities in community are being postponed until further notices, let alone sporting events. Both players and coaches are waiting to official information whether the 2020 summer olympic games will be held in 2020 or not. In a recent interview on the phone, Jerry said: “ Pop as well as me hope that the most proper plan will be made in this current condition. We all feel worried about the olympics and are taking care of the business. This olympics would be the last one in my career but now it could be delayed for one year”. “ Although we are all in hard time, we will always believe that the better future will appear soon. We are still here to help my players have right directions and know how to practice in quarantine.”

Covid 19 is making an economic crisis around the world and all nations are taking measures to put this virus under control. Under any circumstance, we should follow up the advices of the government so that our sporting event will be taken place on time as first plan. There are many excellent players of NBA who really want to take part in this olympic games such as : LeBron James, Paul George, Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard

If the olympic is held in December in 2021, there are many difficulties that USA basketball team has to face up to. This would thin the number of players participating in the match because the schedule would compete with NCAA and NBA seasons. For now, USA team has to wait for the official notices taken by the leadership of Summer olympic games. “ All we have to to now is preparing some other options when time is on. We have a lot of things to solve now and instead of feeling disappointed, we should practise from now.”