If you often update some important information about sporting events, you may know clearly about the appearance of a famous competition called the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. There are different teams which come from many nations around the world with the hope that they can gain the highest prize. USA Rugby is very willing to make a remarkable performance this year in Tokyo and believe that they will become the winner of the tournament. Emilie Bydwell – a Canadian American rugby union player is treated as one of the most excellent coaches around the world. She has helped various teams to find their special strategies to win the match. In the 2020 Olympic Games, she feels that she has to be more responsible and she will try her best to support players as much as possible. 

During the comeback of Sevens’ Olympic in 2016, The Eagles had a successful season with may valuable achievements: men ranked at ninth and women surprisingly in the position of fifth. As you know in this year, due to the rapid outbreak of COVID 19 in the United States, all activities have been postponed until the dangerous virus is kept under control. People had to isolate themselves from the community and comply with the measures of the government such as social distancing,… Therefore, the rugby team wants to bring back a surprise for all fans in their nation as well as many others around the world this summer. 

All members of this team aim at the target of becoming the winner of the competition. In addition to that, the more important thing is making their country more united. Through the performances, fans in the United States may think that they are the ones and they need to be together.  Therefore, all players have to make great efforts to send their special message to all spectators who will attend the stadium in the upcoming time. The competition will be a good opportunity to turn the American into a new leaf. 

For Bydwell, this might be a difficult time because the coronavirus is on the go and there is no signal to express that this disease is down. What’s more, the crisis economy has made a serious lack of finance that the team can not hold the tournament if no one is willing to donate. In a recent interview, she said: “ I hope people can believe in ourselves and we will try our best to emerge from shadows and thrive at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. COVID 19 can never make us feel disappointed until now and that is our main encouragement to overcome the adversities these days.