Why Americans Love The Olympics

Even before the 2020 Olympics scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan, kick-off later in the year, Americans are already charged and for a good reason. The 2028 Summer Olympics will be held in Los Angeles, California, one of the most famous cities in the world. This will be the ninth time the United States will be hosting the prestigious athletic event making it the only country to host the Olympics the most times.

While many Americans watch the events to cheer on Team USA, there are those who look forward to the Olympics just to catch up with their sports idols. While it may be not possible for every fan to make it to the Olympic arenas where these events take place, fans catch up with their favorite sports on different platforms such as Hulu where these events are aired live.

Time to bond

Most Americans have been quoted as saying they look forward to when the Olympics are hosted in their country as the event presents an opportunity to catch up and bond with friends and loved ones over a game. There is nothing as sweet as cheering on your own team together with the people you treasure most. Olympics provide these much needed moments after a busy day at work.

National pride

Seeing one of your own get decorated with a medal during the awarding ceremony has to be one of the greatest scenes to witness either in front of a TV or at the Olympic arena. Such moments spur a nationalistic pride that can never be experienced out of the Olympics. And to imagine the whole world is watching as your country shines, has to be the best feeling ever. During the Olympics, Americans put aside their differences to cheer on the people who give credence to American ideals of working hard for success.