If you often update the latest news about sports, you may know that Wichita is the last place to hold a competition for the USA team before the upcoming of 2021 Tokyo Olympics. According to the representatives of the sporting event, it was expected to happen this summer but all schedules had to be postponed due to the rapid outbreak of COVID 19. The global pandemic has made a great impact on people’s lives that they can not even earn a living or relax by watching a match directly in the stadium. 


On the official website of this league, Wichita stated on Wednesday that the national volleyball team will come back to make a remarkable performance this year and willingly to manage other teams from different nations such as Japan, Turkey and Belgium. Sports lovers have the intention to buy the ticket in advance to make sure that they will have enough seats for spectators. The match will be held at Wichita State’s Koch Arena next year which attracts a lot of people to turn up.

 Karch Kiraly – the chairman of the national team announced in a recent interview that: “ Almost all volleyball competitions next year will be very important so that players have to try their best for the last chance. Since the spreading of the Coronavirus, volleyball fans don’t have many opportunities to watch live. The return of this event will make people surprised and create an interesting environment at Koch Arena.


There are totally of two games in this event which may start at the beginning of June. The USA team has to prepare a good team spirit as well as perfect skills to compete with other opponents. The turn to play of Belgium, Japan, Turkey is respectively on Jun1, 2 and 3. Basing on some comments of the coach, the participating teams this year are all excellent that on the top 20 teams around the world. They are all qualified for the upcoming Olympics games.


In the next time, 16 countries will compete with each other for 5 weeks. They decided to take part in the competition to contribute the talent to the national team. What’s more, this is also a good chance to show off what they have prepared for a long time. The citizens of this place treat it as a type of entertainment that they can relax after an all day long. For sports lovers, this is the most unique competition in 2021.”